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If you want to contact us either for press releases or sending messages of solidarity, we can be reached on:
Twitter – @standrewsoccupy

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We are happy to share any quotations or photographs put on this blog, so long as they are quoted accurately. Johan Hari I’m looking at you…


2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. James says:

    Dear Occupiers,

    I applaud you for not taking the same moronic approach that the occupiers of Parliament Hall did last year. Their mistaken accusations of assault against University staff and stupid complaints about not being able to go to lectures whilst being at an Occupation (one would have thought that the principle of an occupation is that you stay at the place you are occupying!) totally undermined the cause and cause widespread derision amongst the student body.

    Having said that, I think your constant reliance on publicity stunts that only have a very small number of involved students is fundamentally misguided and damaging to the cause that you claim to represent. How can you claim to ‘represent the student body’ when only 30 people could be bothered to turn up to your protest? How about building support and holding a proper protest with actual student body support? To the majority of the student body, your protest seems childish and self-indulging and more to the point, almost nobody in the Bubble has noticed.

  2. James – I think you’re confusing an occupation with a lock-in. The idea of an occupation is that a group take control of a space and use it. There’s nothing about the tactic that says individual people can’t come and go.

    I must admit I’m confused by how we’ve apparently come across as “childish” to the “majority of the student body” when “almost nobody in the Bubble has noticed.” There’s also the delicious irony of you criticising us for claiming to “represent the student body” (I can’t remember writing that so can you provide a citation?) and then go on to, erm, speak for the student body. Still, your opinion of us as childish may stem from the fact that you haven’t seemed to actually pay attention to anything we’ve said. Just to quote from our demands “[w]e have worked through every other form of ‘official’ student complaint method, including a letters campaign and every effort in the university court.” The letters campaign did have “actual student body support” and it was completely ignored. The elected representatives of the student body were completely ignored. Quite how we’re “damaging” the cause is yet another mystery that you’re going to have to explain to us.

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