About Us

Who we are
We’re a group of students, from St Andrews and other Scottish universities, from various backgrounds both politically and nationally, united in our opposition to the increase in fees for rest of UK students to £9,000 a year.
Why we’re doing this
The occupation is a measure of last resort: we have exhausted all other forms of ‘official’ student complaint. The decision to raise the fees was taken in the summer when students were away from the town, stopping large scale protests at the time. Those who did raise their voices were completely ignored. The student representation in the University Court is completely insubstantial, and, while the rector sided with our representatives, the fee increase was passed in part by the fact that our university court doesn’t have adequate representatives of the students it serves. The undemocratic and underhand nature of the fee rise means we feel occupation is a legitimate measure.
How you can help
There are various ways to campaign, and not all involve occupying for 36 hours. Simply sending an e-mail of complaint to the principal will show her that many people are still angry about the issue. Various student and staff groups in St Andrews will continue to run campaigns throughout the year, not just about RUK fees but also staff redundancies and course cuts. Please get involved in any way you can: either by pitching up a tent and joining in, coming to visit, or just letting the university management know you’re unhappy with what they’re doing. This is your university and your ideas and beliefs should shape its future.
If you’re from outside St Andrews and want to help, either come and visit (contact us if you need help) or just send us a message of support from whereever you are.


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