Tent city lives on

Things at the occupation are banterous.

We have candles, cozy tents and lovely people all around. We are also overwhelmed by the quantity of food we have received, courtesy of passers-by as well as local businesses acting in the spirit of solidarity. A trip to Maisha proved highly fruitful, as the restaurant promised to make us snack to feast on during the last hours of our occupation. Fisher and Donaldson proved sympathetic to our cause too, and donated heaps of buns and cakes. One of the cakes looks very much like a potato with an ugly face. Quite disturbing to pull out such a thing out of a bag.

Besides good times being had, many interesting people dropped in during the day for a chat and kind words of support. We were graced by the visits of a variety of lecturers from a range of departments, the chaplain, a local police officer as well as members of Estates, who stopped by for a cup of tea.

The occupation spirit lives on, and once you get the bug, it is hard to go back. We’re thinking of all our fellow tent protesters all over the world and feeling peaceful.



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