Braving Another Fife Night

This is about the point where the cold kicks in and we start to wonder quite why we decided to occupy outside again. Last year we were complaining that the University turned the heating off. We didn’t know how lucky we were…

Still, despite the chill we have over 20 people enjoying the various food and drink given to us by friends and supporters. We’ve had various students and staff coming to talk to us: both to express their support and to ask us whether we’re actually mad enough to camp overnight. The atmosphere is good and relations with Estates are excellent once again.

We also saw that Birmingham went into occupation briefly. Our solidarity and support went with them as they sought to “advance a set of demands centred on justice in education and educational institutions.” As they noted, this is the beginning of the build-up to the National Demo on November 9th. This will be the biggest student protest of the year and naturally activists from St Andrews will be joining thousands of people on the streets of London to resist the betrayal of a generation. We hope you will too



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