St Andrews – The Most Expensive University in Europe

We’ve been making this claim quite a bit recently, and given that we’ve been frequently asked to explain it (justifiably of course) we’ve decided to give a quick run through of our logic.

There are multiple factors to bear in mind:

  • £9,000 a year is the highest rate for public Universities in Europe, and the third highest in the developed world, so Britain has the highest fees in Europe.
  • Within Britain, Ancient Scottish universities are the most expensive due to having a four year course rather than three years, as is the case in England. For tuition fees alone St Andrews and Edinburgh share this dubious honour.
  • St Andrews has the highest average living costs of all Scottish Universities.

When we made our claim we factored in both the tuition fees and the costs of living in St Andrews.  After all, when you graduate with tens of thousands of pounds in unavoidable debt, we doubt you care too much where it came from.

Sadly St Andrews has always had a reputation for, well, being a bit posh. But the actions of people at this University have shown time and time again that people don’t conform to that stereotype. There are so many people who care about this University’s future, and as long as this is the case, we will continue to resist this outrageous decision.


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3 Responses to St Andrews – The Most Expensive University in Europe

  1. ali says:

    If you do not like 4 year degrees, go somewhere else. If you do not want to pay £9000 a year go somewhere else. The accommodation issue is a concern but Albany and Fife Park do still exists which provides some affordable living space. St Andrews provides excellent, high quality, highly rated education if your not willing to pay for it, loans and bursaries are very generous in this area so do not come back with only the rich can afford it – i am very working class and poor and i am here, then go somewhere else St Andrews is excellent and it’s price tag reflects that, foreign students who pay more realise this, it is time we UK students did too.

  2. To reiterate what we said in an earlier post, we believe that the choice over your education should not be based upon capacity to pay, but upon academic ability. The choice to come to St Andrews or not should be based upon whether the university is best for you.

    Fife and Albany Park still exists – although for how much longer is another question. But this is far from sufficient affordable accomodation. The most important issue for students in St Andrews has been affordability of accomodation for quite some time now, and for good reason. The recent HMO cap decision will only make this worse.

    As for whether St Andrews represents value for money, that is very much debatable. A third year IR student for example gets a whooping four hours of contact time a week. If that is worth £9,000 a year then I’m a banana. And this will only get worse: for while fees are soaring, cuts are being made. The recent changes to the lecturer pension plan* mean that less academics will be attracted to St Andrews, meaning lower quality teaching. Georgraphy, to give but another example, have this year cut tutorials, giving students even less contact time.

    * See

  3. fiddlestix says:

    Its cheap to live in Cupar. 200 quid per month. Stop whinging about prices in St Andrews. There aren’t many uni’s in the world you can live within 15mins for that cheap. And its about time UK/EU students started paying their fair share. You’ve had it too easy for far to long.

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