The First of Many…

So the occupation ended last night with a small celebration and a promise to return. Tuesday night saw a performance from the superb Jeffrey Lewis (if that doesn’t make you insanely jealous you have no taste in music) and then we rounded off with a vegan feast and an interview with some poor sod from The White Lady (St Andrew’s new and ever so slightly posh newspaper) who ended up on the receiving end of some one-sided banter (“So what do you do at the paper? Are you just the guy that wears the corduroy?”).

But this is only the beginning. We will occupy again and we will continue to do so until the university listens. So far our demands have been met with silence. After the 9th, 10th, 11th occupation, they may begin to realise that we haven’t accepted their decisions and we will not accept our university’s descent into elitism.

Love and rage,

The Occupiers


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3 Responses to The First of Many…

  1. A grown-up says:

    Sounds like you should give up. Or find a method of making yourselves heard that actually works, rather than just making you look silly.

  2. Yep, just give up. That sounds like great advice. Definitely one a “grown-up” would give.

    But we can only apologise if believing that universities should listen to their students in some way offends you.

  3. Another grown-up says:

    All my colleague there is saying is perhaps a more reasoned approach? Very few rational people would quarrel with your cause, but the means you adopt to achieve your aims do you a disservice. For pity’s sake, you’re St Andrews students – you’re capable of far more imaginative and effective methods of NVDA than an occupation. Not to mention the dilution of symbolism – when LCH was occupied in solidarity with Palestine you could see the irony – whereas in this case it smacks of troublemaking.

    If you’re concerned with fees, don’t pay them. If Scotland legally enshrines your right to an education you’ll have grounds for a court case if they try to expel you. Who knows, maybe Strasbourg. There are so many better ways of getting your point across which would lend your group so much more gravitas than this tactic.

    But what do I know?

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