Well that was fun…

Bit of an interesting time just now. After being unaware of our protest for a couple of hours, security finally cottoned on to our occupation. At about 9:00 (3 hours after the original occupation) they decided to shut the main gates to the garden, and deny access to students. At this point various people were shut out and we began to plan the inevitable game of cat and mouse where we would try and sneak into the occupation without getting caught. However, half an hour later security decided to set up metal fences around all enterances to the garden. Because, y’know, that’s how you should treat your students. After a few minor disputes, securityrelented and decided to allow freedom of access to the original occupiers. Of course, this presented them with the problem of identifying the original protesters: not easy when it went on for three hours without you noticing. Eventually it was decided that freedom of access would be allowed to anyone with a matriculation card at the university, and the gates were opened again. So now the sun is out, we have freedom of access and the music speakers are pumping out some tunes. The occupation is looking good.


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