“Thanks for opening the gates guys”

So… we’re in. After the inevitable panic about being found out and stopped, getting into the gardens outside the Principle’s residence was surprisingly easy. We had a moment of alarm when we saw the large iron gates were locked, and this only got worse when we saw at least four security guards hanging around the area. However lady-luck is obviously anti-cuts because it turned out that the guards were only there to open the gates for the morning. We promptly marched inside and set up camp. As of half an hour into the occupation security still didn’t know we had done anything.

About 20 students braved the Fife morning, and after waiting for (i.e. constantly ringing until they woke up) the more dozy members to get out of bed we decided we had enough members to initially occupy, in the understanding that waking up at 5 in the morning isn’t the most attractive way to occupy. Anger mixed with slumber: what a mix!

We have published our list of demands, which focus around the 500% increase in RUK fees, but also democracy in the university. We hope that people will support us in any way they can. From joining in to sending messages of solidarity over Twitter, everything you do will help. And once the cold kicks in we’re probably going to need it…

Website (including photos): https://standrewsoccupied.wordpress.com/
Email: standrewsoccupy@gmail.com
Twitter: @standrewsoccupy
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/St-Andrews-Occupied/170697409681578#!/pages/St-Andrews-Occupied/170697409681578


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