Our Demands

We demand of the University of St Andrews and all other Scottish universities:
1) Withdrawal of the proposed £36k fees for RUK students at the University of St Andrews.
2) Full and open consultation between management, staff and students concerning fees.
3) No cuts to courses or compulsory redundancies in Scottish universities.
4) University senior management should pledge 10% of their salaries to a scholarship programme.
5) That they uphold the basic principle, inherent in the Scottish education system, of free education for all. Scotland should actively oppose Westminster policies challenging that principle.
6) Withdrawal of all fee rises at other Scottish universities, and no future proposals without meaningful student consultation.
7) No legal or academic repercussions for anyone involved in or supportive of the occupation.
Reasons for occupation
• We have worked through every other form of ‘official’ student complaint method, including a letters campaign and every effort in the university court but no compromise was even offered for discussion so we see this as the final way of showing student anger over the massive free increase.
• Funding lost is about £3,323 per RUK student so the increase of nearly £7,000 seems particularly ill thought out.
• We are showing that just because the decision has already been made by the university it doesn’t mean it is accepted by the student body.


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